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mrvanx 09-13-03 05:18 PM

SuSE 8.1 and nforce drivers (grrrr)

im running SuSE 8.1 atm and am trying to get my audio working, i have an nforce2 motherboard.. the LAN works fine on it but apart from that the sound/ide dont. prolly the USB doesnt aswell..

i have the latest .rpm of the drivers and had no probs installing it!!!1

Read sumwhere that you have to compile something???? (newbie, have no idea how to LOL)

Anyone know the solution???

blueworm 09-14-03 03:28 PM

Dont use the nvaudio drivers they suck.
Get the alsa drivers for intel8x0

alienthrylos 09-14-03 08:36 PM

i had the same problem
i had the same problem but now it is solved.
I suppose that you have installed the binary rpm for suse 8.1. There is a help file: /usr/share/doc/packages/NVIDIA_nforce/ReleaseNotes.html
it contains some information regarding the proper installation and configuration. However note that this rpm installs the driver but it doesnt load it.
As root you need to do the following: check the etc/modules.conf file.
_ If there is line for loading the i810_audio driver, comment that line with # infront.
Then type "modprobe nvaudio" to load the driver.
Now you should have audio.
To load the driver during boot you should add that instruction to the file /etc/init.d/boot.local

mrvanx 09-15-03 04:20 PM

i will try that........watch this space :)

mrvanx 09-15-03 05:50 PM

WAHEY, you are a genuine GOD!!!!!!!!! thanks mate, i hope the same method works for the USB and IDE, as they were in there under "nvidia aliases" and ive uncommented them aswell as the nvaudio lines
THANKYOU!!!! YEY!!!!!!!

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