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sa133 07-28-02 12:29 AM

Geforce4 in Suse 7.3
I want to try and understand why I can't find my GeForce4 440 MX card in Sax2.

1. My card is not detected
2. The list of Nvidia cards listed stops at Geforce3-3.

I have downloaded the 1.0-2960 linux graphics glx and the suse73 kernel drivers.

I read and followed the instructions as best I could (noobie here).

I chose to select the driver for Geforce3 and for my trouble I have better resolution (1024x768), but it could be better.

So can someone help me out with pointers or a clue what to do. I know with windows and Nvidia often earlier driver versions work better than others.

DarkLLord 07-28-02 04:58 AM

I don't use SuSE myself but I know that even the newest XFree (4.20) only supports up to GeForce 3

So Sax which somehow reads these datas somehow only shows you a GeForce 3 as well.

What you want to do is to simply select the GeForce 3 and go on

When you are done configuring, save the config file and open it in a text editor.

Search for a line saying
"Driver "nv""
in the "Device" section

Simply replace the nv with nvidia

If you installed the two nvidia packages correctly it should work out

You still have to remove a few line that might still be in the XFree Config but that is described in the documentation of the packages (/usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0/README)

That sould work

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