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PeterJensen 05-04-12 05:25 AM

**** it my 580 died
Got this from work.....need to wait for monday to pick it up. :o



PeterJensen 05-04-12 05:38 AM

Re: **** it my 580 died
What power connectors does it need?

JaxMacFL 05-04-12 08:45 AM

Re: **** it my 580 died
It takes 2 x 8 or 6 + 2 pin power connectors.

Here's a link, you can see where the connectors plugs go in one of the pics in the photo gallery.

Awesome card!!!


PeterJensen 05-04-12 01:11 PM

Re: **** it my 580 died
Thx looking forward to monday. My 580 lasted my 2 years almost. RIP

bob saget 05-04-12 02:41 PM

Re: **** it my 580 died
I was planning on buying a used 580, but threads like this make me nervous...

Roadhog 05-04-12 02:51 PM

Re: **** it my 580 died
Should have done your research before buying that card. You would have found most of them overheat.




JasonPC 05-04-12 08:12 PM

Re: **** it my 580 died
I heard they fixed the problems with earlier versions of this card and that it performs well now

PeterJensen 05-05-12 11:52 AM

Re: **** it my 580 died
Road: mine is not the oc version of it. It runs default clocs. And not oc like the top version ;)

PeterJensen 05-05-12 11:56 AM

Re: **** it my 580 died
Mine is not the TOP version. Thx for the links Road.

PeterJensen 05-05-12 12:06 PM

Re: **** it my 580 died
Ok i Got scared. Changed to 2 of these :).


PeterJensen 05-05-12 12:13 PM

Re: **** it my 580 died
Thx to Roadhog ;) Some may wonder why not the 680 - none in stock in denmark

Dr.Nick 05-05-12 12:30 PM

Re: **** it my 580 died
No warranty? two years should still be covered I would think. But this is the main reason I use a custom fan profile. I never let them get over mid 70's on the temps and that's when they're pegged at 99%.
Hope you enjoy the new ones:cool:

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