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vaiolin 09-14-03 11:57 AM

kernel module for fx go 5600
Hi there
Where can i find the kernel module for the Geforce FX go 5600 ?
i 'm using kernel 2.2.20 in debian
The installer for the drivers from nvidia told me to compile the module myself because there wasn't a preconfigured module available.

biehl 09-15-03 12:52 PM

here is a thread....

I dont know if i want to try that...

I just want to run 1680x1050 (TV-out and fancy 3D come a far second priority).

Have you managed that? With the xfree nv drivers?


LordMorgul 09-15-03 02:33 PM

Once the nVidia installer has decided there is no 'preconfigured' module available, it will handle compiling and installing a custom one for you, just say yes continue and compile one for me.

However, you will need to the kernel source installed on your machine for it to work. That means you need to install the kernel source that matches your running kernel exactly, and have that source 'configured' to match the kernel you are using. This is easy if you haven't changed your kernel since the distro install, just find the kernel-source package and install it, it should be configured as is.

vaiolin 09-16-03 04:16 AM

can it be that kernel2.2.20 doesn't support all module includes?

vaiolin 09-16-03 10:46 AM

1 Attachment(s)
solved my install problem
now a compiling problem occurs. How can i change the C compiler ?
I attached my Nvidia-installer.log file

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