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JellyStones 09-14-03 08:30 PM

Linux newb needs help installing nvidia drivers.
Hey there all, so I finally decided to give Linux a try, so my first problem is how to install the Nvidia linux driver? I downloaded the latest IA32 driver from Nvidia's homepage, and in the command terminal i started up the file by typing "sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-4496-pkg2.run". So the installer started doing something, but then I got the following error message: "ERROR: nvidia-installer must be run as root". Since i am so new at linux could someone help me out? Also I dont know if this is a related issue, but I cant create a directory in my usr/local directory, which is where mozilla wanted to install itself, but kept telling me it couldnt create the directory either.

I am running redhat linux 9.0
Thanks in advance for any help

Edit: OK so i managed to to figure out how to log in as a root user. Now the Nvidia installer tells me I need to exit X-windows. So right now im trying to edit /etc/inittab so I can change id:5:initdefault: to id:3:initdefault:, but the inittab is read-only so it won't let me makes changes!!!! Any help is extremely appreciated.

geowiz 09-15-03 09:46 AM

Covered in older threads
Try a search in the forum and search for telinit.

Have fun.

LordMorgul 09-15-03 03:07 PM

You must edit /etc/inittab as root since it is the only one that can write to it.

Once done, reboot and see that you go to text mode, log in as root, find your installer and run it. If it succeeds, you can then type:

telinit 5

to go back to graphic mode... however before you do there is something else to change. Check the nVidia readme to see that you need to edit the file:

to make the new kernel module work. As a linux noob a year and a half ago, I found the RedHat Bible series books to be very helpful, so I suggest you grab a good book, really.

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