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Xevious 05-11-12 05:31 AM

Vertical sync being forced on newer drivers with multi-card.
I am running into a weird issue. Basically I am forced to use 270.41.06 because it seems like every other newish driver I have tried (including 302.07) appears to have an issue with my multi video card/triple monitor setup with XGL/beryl.

If I just do a single card (2560x1600) and do a benchmark of beryl I get around 1200 FPS.

If I do the other single card (3840x2400) I get around 600 FPS. When I do both cards and 3840x2400 + 2560x1600 + 1600x1200 I get 48 FPS.

Now my left most monitor (3840x2400) has a 48Hz refresh rate. I found this 48 FPS very suspect as it seemed impossible to get it to go down or up. Also I noticed that I am not seeing any tearing on the screen. This leads me to believe that vsync is somehow being enabled.

What I don't get is none of the configuration has changed. I can simply just change the driver and get this behavior with no files being edited. I have also made sure that vsync is disabled in beryl.

The biggest problem with this is I can't even properly play any videos as it uses 4x more cpu than it used to and is very laggy.

Anyone know what might have changed sine 270.x that would cause this behavior? Again running in a single card configuration I do not have these problems.

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