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Ardeaem 09-15-03 10:27 PM

RH9: slow performance
I installed the nforce drivers (NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0261.rh90up_2.4.20_6) under RH9. I have a Geforce 2 GTS 64Mb and am trying to run Neverwinter nights. Anyway, my performance in Tux Racer and Neverwinter nights is HORRIBLE, and I get an error when I run these and glxgears and glxinfo:
Xlib: extension "XFree86-DRI" missing on display ":0.0".
In my XFree86-config file, I have the line:

driver "nv"

When I try to change this to driver "nvidia" x wont start. It says that that driver is not found.

Now, I figure there must be something messed up with my OpenGL configuration. What could be the problem?


Moled 09-15-03 10:37 PM

is the kernel module loaded?

Ardeaem 09-16-03 12:30 PM

Ok, well here we go....

I feel stupid. I had installed the nforce drivers, but forgot about the graphics drivers. I am using an nvidia card, but not the one on the nforce2 board.

I found and installed the kernel and the GLX driver with the graphical installer and everything was fine. Now performance is great.

The thing is, I never was able to find this driver on the nvidia site while looking for drivers - I got it via a link from another site. How can I get to the latest graphical installer for the video card?

mcglass 09-27-03 05:38 AM

Could you share with me the location of these drivers I can't make any sense which I need.
I have geforce2 mx redhat 9



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