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News 05-18-12 09:30 PM

Product Review ' SteelSeries Scope Gaming Eyewear by Gunnar
Good Friday to you, EGC! To end the week I have a new gaming related review up on GadgetReview. This is an unusual one'the SteelSeries Scope Advanced Gaming Eyewear in association with Gunnar Technology Eyewearare glasses made specifically to enhance your gaming experience while soothing the strain your eyes are plagued with while gaming in front of a monitor for long hours. Here's a snippet.
Enter Gunnar! Their Eyewear targets a great variety of intense computer workers from coders to engineers, video editors, business professionals to bloggers and gamers, like myself. For that latter gaming group, the Gunnar technomancers have conjured the Scope design ofAdvancedGaming Eyewear. These specs have been carefully designed to soothe the ocular strain and eye fatigue that plagues the peepers of gamers the world over. Like any new tech, these wearable eye masseuses don't come cheap. Are they worth your hard earned cash? And what if you already wear prescriptions glasses; where do you fit into this? Read on inquiring gadget-minds. Enlightenment awaits down yonder.

Full review found here!

Thanks, Gadget Review!


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