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devotional 09-16-03 07:17 PM

GeForce FX 5650 Go not supported in 4496?
I am having some real troubles in getting the nvidia driver to run on my new Dell Inspiron 8600. It is equipped with GeForce FX 5650 Go.

Now I see that this card is not listed as supported in the driver README. Is this really correct? Have I stepped in the bucket of driverless hardware? Should I have gotten the 4200 instead?

If 5650 is not supported - does anyone have any information on when this could be happening?


wichers 09-17-03 03:00 AM

It's good to see I'm not the only one out here, having this problem. I have mailed nvidia directly, and I'm still waiting for an answer. Maybe you could do the same?


karthik 09-17-03 01:59 PM

Ditto here. Please post your experience on this thread - I am still trying to find out if anyone got Linux working with 5650 before I order the computer from Dell.

--- Karthik

wichers 09-17-03 02:40 PM

My problem is exactly how devotional described it in the dell forum:

I am using the latest NVIDIA driver (1.0-4496). As soon as I use this driver I will get a "burning effect" on the screen when I start X - it does not look healthy at all. When I bail out of the X server, the console is messed up with a red flickering all over the screen. By starting the X server with the default VESA driver I can reset it back to normal.

biehl 09-18-03 04:25 AM

any luck with other drivers??

Has anyone gotten their 5650 GO to work in 1680x1050 with the xfree "nv" drivers (or VESA drivers, if that is possible)??

I dont need 3d for now, but running 1024x768 on a dell 8600 just sucks.


If you do, please pose XF86Config-4 files.

sth 09-18-03 07:04 AM

[OT] How's the 8600?
A bit OT but how well does the Inspiron 8600 perform under Linux? Any major problems (except the gfx-driver)? Is it possible to activate Ultra-DMA even when the centrino chipset isn't really supported? Does it do CPU frequency scaling under Linux?

I won't need WLAN support in the beginning (as long as normal LAN works).
Does the sound work and how noisy does the cooling get when the machine is under load?
How well is it built (cheap all-plastic or something better? do you have to be extremely careful not to break something or does it survive daily travelling and usage?)

Sorry for being OT.

olejacob 09-30-03 06:58 AM

I've got Inspiron 8600 with Go5650 working with the nvidia driver on a attached CRT display, but not on the built-in LCD. On the LCD I still get the "burning paper". So the Go5650 is supported. I've also got the LCD working with a beta version of the nv driver.

Anybody got the nvidia driver working on the 16:10 LCD?

Diskonaut 09-30-03 09:19 AM


I dont need 3d for now, but running 1024x768 on a dell 8600 just sucks.
How did you get it to run in 1024x768? I would be grateful if I could even do that!


biehl 09-30-03 10:41 AM

I booted Knoppix, it set up my XF86Config-4 with the correct input devices and with the "vesa" driver running at 1024x768.

Everything works very nicely under Knoppix (except of course the high resolution)

With the help of another thread here at the forum I got the high resolution working with a snapshot build of the xfree86 binary and the nv_drv.o driver

(this is still not perfect though, as the driver has obvious bugs, and my desktop now feels slower)

All in all, try knoppix (www.knoppix.net)
or else I can post the XF86Config-4 that it generates on my machine.


LonesomePolecat 10-04-03 11:52 AM

I've had some limited success getting it to work.

If you turn the screen off and then on again after starting X, it will work. To do this, you need to turn off ACPI and then press the small button in front of the screen (the one meant for hibernating when the screen is closed).

You will also need the following modeline:
Modeline "1920x1200" 193.156 1920 2048 2256 2592 1200 1201 1203 1242 +HSync +VSync


bandoler 10-04-03 03:27 PM

Lonsome are youserious with this of turning off and on the screen? It looks like one of tose bad jokes about computer scientists...

What do you mean by turning off ACPI?

I want to add myself to the claim for good support for GeForce FX Go 5650 on xfree...


LonesomePolecat 10-05-03 07:08 AM

Yes, I'm quite serious. It does work.
ACPI is the kernel power control for doing things like turning off your computer when you run 'halt' or checking what the battery life is like. When it's running in the kernel, it just senses that the button has been pressed but doesn't turn off the screen. It it's not running, the BIOS shuts the screen down.

A better solution is in one of the other threads (do a search). The latest Xfree86 drivers support the 5650. You just need to grab the latest CVS of XFree86 (the source that is to become XFree-4.4) and use that.


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