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Yasunari Tosa 09-16-03 10:03 PM

RedHat9 4496 driver cursor problem
I have RivaTNT 32.

Under RedHat 8 with the 43?? driver, it was working fine.

Under RedHat 9 with 4496 driver, the cursor creates a
square spot with a Qt OpenGL application.

One problem is that when an application starts and the
cursor is within the drawing plane of an application, it creates
a square white spot until I move the cursor.

Another problem is that when I move object, I clearly see the
square in which the cursor lives is updated differently from the scene.

Yes, RivaTNT32 is kind of old, but if you have a way to avoid
this cursor update problem, I would appreciate your suggestion.

dulley 09-16-03 11:31 PM

Same Here
I got the same problem with RH9 and the GeForce 256 at the office.

My boss thought that my code was buggy.

Yasunari Tosa 09-17-03 09:06 PM

Pure OpenGL program also behaves the same
1 Attachment(s)
I confirmed that it is not QT by building an
example program from a book
"OpenGL A primer" by E.Angel.
It is a rotating textured cube program with
mouse interaction. When it is rotating,
your mouse cursor on the cube is flickering.
If you stop spinning, I see a square.

I attached zipped file with Makefile
and C code for RedHat 9.

They accept only zip and thus you have to
use unzip to open.

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