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MikeC 05-27-12 08:57 AM

PlayStation 'poised for cloud gaming push'
Reports suggest Sony has struck a deal with Gaikai or OnLive


Sony will strike a deal with OnLive or Gaikai at E3 next month for PlayStation cloud gaming, according to reports.

The platform-holder will announce a new game streaming service for 'PlayStation hardware' at the annual trade show in Los Angeles, according to VG247.

It's not clear whether this service could be for PS3 or PS Vita, both, or the next PlayStation home console.

Both OnLive and Gaikai offer cloud gaming streaming services. These allow users to stream full games or demos instantly online without the need for discs or hardware installations. Gamers can currently use devices such as PCs, TVs, smartphones, laptops and tablets to stream games online.

Last year OnLive said it had talked with Sony and Microsoft regarding a potential console collaboration.
Source: http://www.develop-online.net/news/4...ud-gaming-push

MikeC 05-27-12 10:39 AM

Re: PlayStation 'poised for cloud gaming push'

Bman212121 05-27-12 11:28 AM

Re: PlayStation 'poised for cloud gaming push'
Interesting graphs.... I'm not exactly sure how they came up with 60ms latencies for playing a game on your own pc though... That and their numbers for grid are best case scenarios assuming that your internet connect is fast and stable. Still if using a cloud solution for rendering actually makes a console game play better, then it wouldn't be all bad. They would basically be able to make the console to end all consoles at that point since the internal hardware wouldn't really matter. The funny thing is this basically makes a console obsolete because you could just as easily stream those games to a computer, tablet, phone, STB, roku, etc. I could really see google or even apple jumping into the market since they could sell you the little device to connect to your TV.

Vardant 05-27-12 11:36 AM

It's from the keyboard, mouse and the monitor.

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