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hampsterblade 05-29-12 07:11 AM

Twinview performance issues on GTS250
I'm using the latest drivers on Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit. I have a dual head setup with the left monitor at 1440x900 and the right at 1920x1080. In single monitor or Xinerama the performance is fine, but in twinview the entire system comes to a crawl. Basic programs eat up to 4 cores of my processor and if they are running even gedit goes slow.

amites 05-29-12 07:01 PM

Re: Twinview performance issues on GTS250
Twinview doesn't like multiple resolutions -- if you can get them the same you should be in much better shape

hampsterblade 05-29-12 09:05 PM

Re: Twinview performance issues on GTS250
I would if I could. Unfortunately I'm using a 19" monitor and a 27" monitor. The 19" monitor cannot go above 1440x900 and the 27" looks like crap anything under 1080p. I really wish nvidia would code xrandr support in their drivers as I have no performance issues with the open drivers, but unfortunately no 3D support either, which is important for minecraft, heroes of newerth and soon to come steam :).

Gusar 05-30-12 04:53 AM

Re: Twinview performance issues on GTS250
@amrities: It's the first time I hear of this. I never had any issues with different resolutions. Do you have any links where I could read up on it?

@hampsterblade: One, the beta driver supports xrandr1.2. And two, twinview works very, very similarly to xrandr (merged framebuffer), so I don't see how twinview vs. xrandr would make a performance difference.

johnc 05-30-12 11:53 AM

Re: Twinview performance issues on GTS250
Is this reproducible in Gnome Shell or Unity 2D?

I think I read somewhere about a known major performance regression in Unity that's being worked on.

When I've run with two monitors of different resolutions, I never noticed any performance problems, though the video cards always ran at max clocks. But this was on 11.04.

Otherwise maybe post a bug report log.

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