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patrat81 09-18-03 02:58 PM

GUI X will not start
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I have a:
Nvidia TNT2
running on a 1GHz AMD Athlon processor

I am trying to install Red Hat Linux 9.0
what is happening is that X never loads. I get a message saying that my video card is not configured so it trys to configure it for me but then the screen flashes a couple of times and it keeps doing this over and over. So, I went to the NVIDIA web site and installed the drivers from the self installer. However, the problem is still happening. any suggestions? I've attached my log file.

here is what the first message box states:
"I cannot start the X server (graphical interface). It is likely that it is not set up correctly. would you like th view the X server output to diagnose the problem?"

this is what i found in the report as errors

- Failed to initialize the NVIDIA Kernel module
- Fatal server error : No screens found

zander 09-18-03 03:02 PM

Are there any error messages in the output of dmesg following the failed attempt to start X?

patrat81 09-18-03 03:24 PM

edited the above thread
I'm not sure what a dmesg is so I updated my original post with all the errors I could see

zander 09-18-03 03:33 PM

dmesg is a command, it dumps messages output by the kernel or kernel level drivers; is the NVIDIA kernel module actually loaded on your system (check with lsmod and/or cat /proc/driver/nvidia/version )?

patrat81 09-18-03 04:05 PM

This is what the dmesg command gave me:

0:NVIDIA: Can't find an IRQ for your NVIDIA card
: Please check your BIOS settings
: [plug and play os] should be set to no
: [ASSIGN IRQ to VGA] should be set to yes
: loading NVIDIA Linux x86 nvidia.o kernel module 1.0-4496
0: NVRM : failed to copy vbios to system memory
: rm_init_adapter failed

This is the info I received after typing "cat /proc/driver/nvidia/version"

NVRM version: NVIDIA Linux x86 nvidia.o Kernel Module 1.0-4496

gcc version: gcc version 3.2

zander 09-18-03 04:09 PM

Check your BIOS settings and make sure that an IRQ is assigned to the video card (unlike the XFree86 nv driver, the NVIDIA driver requires an IRQ).

patrat81 09-18-03 04:12 PM

check bios
I'm about as new as they come to linux commands... so, how would i go about checking the bios?

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