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Azelphur 06-03-12 10:32 AM

GTX 680 quad screen?
Hi, I currently use a GTX 570 + 8800GT and two separate X screens to drive my 4 monitors. This is obviously rather annoying since I can't drag windows between the two, but it's the only option I know of as current. (Besides xinerama, but I need decent 3d and compositing)

I heard that the 680 can drive 4 monitors on it's own without separate X screens, and thus am interested ;)

From what I'm seeing the card has two DVI ports, one HDMI and one DisplayPort. Does this mean I plug one monitor into every port using converters?

Besides that interested in any other options or info on multi monitor setups that'd be an improvement on my current setup.

Plagman 06-03-12 10:36 AM

Re: GTX 680 quad screen?

Azelphur 06-03-12 11:21 AM

Re: GTX 680 quad screen?

Originally Posted by Plagman (Post 2561042)

Sounds awesome, will the GTX 670 and 690 do it too? (Considering options \o/)

Plagman 06-03-12 11:53 AM

Re: GTX 680 quad screen?
Yes. For the 690, that's assuming the four connectors are wired to the same GPU (which I think they should?); maybe look at a review to see if someone tested it.

MaDDeePee 06-03-12 12:36 PM

Re: GTX 680 quad screen?
Hello, i am interested in this too since its just bad to be forced to use Xinerama without composite.

Lets me ask some questions just to get sure... ^^

a) 4 Screens connected to one Card all on the same GPU = one great screen where i can drag my windows with composite enabled and xinerama disabled?

b) can those screens have different resolutions?

c) does this count for the whole "GK" family, NVE4 && NVE7 and is this going to be "standard" for all future nvidia cards in case they got more than two video outputs?

d) GeForce GTX 680 is in the current top tier, is there any card in the lower price segment offering this too? (or at least will there be "soon")

e) most importand: all 4 screens are set up with TWINVIEW or how is this configured in xorg.conf ? (should be rather called quadview in that case, heh? ^^)

Thanks in advance =)

Plagman 06-03-12 12:55 PM

Re: GTX 680 quad screen?
Yes to a) and b). To c), all the Kepler chips have the potential for it, but in some lower-end parts I believe heads can be removed. I would expect something like the GeForce GT 640 to also support 2+ heads, but I know some mobile variants only have two heads so your mileage may vary.

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