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Kain 06-04-12 10:33 AM

GTX 690 or wait for GK110?
Running a GTX 560 Ti 448 Cores right now and the only reason I went with this card rather than the higher end one when I built my computer was because I wanted to save my money for Kepler. Now that Kepler is out, I am wondering if I should get the GTX 690 or wait for the GK110. If the GK110 can offer the performance of the GTX 690 while being a single-GPU probably could make it worthwhile to wait.

If the GK110 will be the GTX 780 and priced around the GTX 680, does that mean the GTX 790 will be around $1,000 and offer the performance of two GTX 690 cards?

Muppet 06-06-12 05:17 AM

Re: GTX 690 or wait for GK110?

Originally Posted by slaWter (Post 2561215)
I also planed on waiting for the GK110 but nV showed their Tesla version a few weeks ago and that chip will debut in the Tesla products first, in Q4 2012. That means no desktop GK110 in 2012.

After nV's Tesla announcement, I ordered two 680 4GB cards.

Go for the 690 if you don't need more VRAM. It's a fantastic product. Waiting is not an option anymore because you'd be waiting way too long.

Any news yet on your cards.

Muppet 06-06-12 02:58 PM

Re: GTX 690 or wait for GK110?

Originally Posted by slaWter (Post 2561770)
Sadly no.
Not a single 4GB card is on stock in Switzerland. However, a few shops are now listing the Zotacs with a 2-4 day delivery. So I'm hoping that I'll get the cards soon :)

How's the availability in NZ?

No one even has them listed. So I don't know when they are due.

Ruined 07-11-12 11:55 AM

Re: GTX 690 or wait for GK110?
From all the reading I've done, there is no GK110 for gaming coming out in 2012, only GK110 for industrial compute applications. You might see a minor speed refresh of GK104 but GK110-esque card likely won't be out until Q1 2013, or extremely slim chance of nov/december of this year at massively high price.

My advice if you don't want to wait 6 months+? Get three 4GB GTX670s that have reference GTX680 HSF:


The Zotac 4GB GTX670 has a gtx680 pcb, gtx680 hsf, gtx680 power components - with one smx disabled and slower clockrate than gtx680. Some room for OCing with the 680 HSF/power likely. Going for the 680 4gb not worth it when you are getting 3 cards as it incurs an extra $300 cost without $300 worth of fps to match it.

And its only 449 and has 4gb vram, so get three in SLI and it will destroy a GTX690 (one less gpu and only 2gb vram per GPU). Even two in SLI would beat a 690 in applications such as triple monitor surround and skyrim high texture pack with it's extra VRAM.

AngelGraves13 12-02-12 03:42 AM

Re: GTX 690 or wait for GK110?
I'll also considering a GTX 690, but by the time I save up enough cash for it I'm sure GTX 780 will be out.

john19055 03-03-13 11:01 PM

Re: GTX 690 or wait for GK110?
I would go ahead and get the GTX-690 if you can't run SLI.The GTX-Tian or whatever it is called will be up to 20% slower,IMO the best thing and cheaper thing would be to get a coulple of GTX-670's .I just looked how old this thread is.

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