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spinfire 09-18-03 09:29 PM

Dual DVI out?
I am thinking of buying this card for an upcoming Linux system:


I would really /really/ like to get the dual DVI outputs working in linux, and I was very pleased to see this card is only $180 at newegg.com

Does anyone have experience with these cards, chipset, or any dual dvi setup under linux? Please let me know your experiences.


justinc 09-19-03 10:38 AM

dual dvi works fine. Dont know that card but have used several others with no problems. Including right now...

spinfire 09-19-03 07:23 PM

Now I am very excited, I can't wait to set this stuff up.

Do you think there is a noticable difference between DVI and VGA connections for flat panels?

Thanks again,

justinc 09-20-03 06:17 AM

Yes, anything from a little better to much better depending on the panel, and on the quality of your vga out. Also consistency is much better for dual head, it is very difficult to get the settings the same for vga.

jerone2 09-22-03 11:12 PM

All I can say is once I went DVI, I will never go back to analog! No wavy ness, no need to play around with ajustment settings! None of that crap! You see what you get , and it's beautiful! Hell I threw away the analog cable of my Samsung 191T. It will never touch that dirty thing again. DVI is a dream come true.

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