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omarsidd 06-06-12 12:05 AM

odd font sizing behavior going from 285.05.09 to 295 on 8.2/8.3
Ran into a strange bug trying to upgrade from NVIDIA 285.05.09 driver to 295 (both version that have been in ports recently). After upgrade, one of my two displays (Screen 1 in my xorg.conf) now displays certain (GTK?) fonts in an extra small size-- that's the font in the menus, requestors, buttons, etc in firefox, pidgin, nvidia-settings . It's reproducible -- downgrading returns the correct behavior (all fonts same on both screens), reinstalling new driver causes the problem again.

Saw this on both FreeBSD 8.2 and 8.3 (RELEASE). Two different machines with diff hardware, one with nvidia 9400GT the other with a Geforce 210. Similar unchanged config driving driving 2 identical displays over 2 DVI cables. Since it's all different hardware, I suspect the problem would be the driver or something unique to my config.

The behavior is reproducible. Ports all rebuilt. Various usual font tweaking methods made no difference.

I'd run this exact hardware without any problems through many revisions of nvidia drivers and FreeBSD 8.0 - 8.2. I've run various nvidia driver revisions on various cards over many years without seeing this before.

Anyone else seen this? Does the nvidia freebsd driver maintainer monitor this forum? The problem is minor but annoying and is keeping me from being "current".

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