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Stench_of_Evil 09-19-03 03:32 PM

Can't compile in Redhat 9, need a quick bit of help
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Man, all these little buttons and things are a lot of trouble to get through in Lynx.. well, anyway, I'm having trouble getting X to start and I think it might be because I don't have recent nvidia drivers for my graphics card, since it says "Nvidia NT5SV4M16DT-7K" and the redhat installer identified it as a Riva128. Anyway, could someone with the skillz to pay the bills take a look at this log and tell me where I should go from here?

zander 09-20-03 03:00 AM

The NT5SV4M16DT-7K is a 64MB DRAM module, not a NVIDIA graphics device; what is your video card's PCI device ID? The NVIDIA binary driver doesn't support the Riva128 - the XFree86 nv driver does, though.

Stench_of_Evil 09-23-03 10:34 AM

OK, thanks for the advice

I'll find that PCI device ID once I get to work

Looks like X failing to start with a cryptic error may not be so easy to fix after all...

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