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sipaolo 09-20-03 11:36 AM

A problem of a newbie!
Hi all.
I'm a linux newbie and I have a problem....
My distro is an RH9 on an AMD 2000xp and a GF4 TI4200.
I have downloaded the latest nvidia driver but.... I don't know how I can end the xserver running....:confused:
Maybe it could be a very stupid thing...
I tried to start an emergy session but.... nope the installation tells me that the xserver still running...
Please help me to abandon windowz:afro2:

ervalerio 09-20-03 02:03 PM

switch to console mode, usually a ctrl+alt+f1 is enough
then kill X process and any graphical login app (like kdm, gdm or xdm if they're in respawn mode).
u can find the right pid to kill with
ps aux

then just run the installer
hooe it helps

sipaolo 09-21-03 07:35 AM

Thanks.. I have tried yesterday with ctrl+alt+F1 and I go to console mode.
But I haven't understood how to kill the x server..... I tried xkill xterm and all of this but the only thing is that he can't recognize the monitor 0 ?????:eek:

Don't worry I'll try untill I win!

Everyone want a window desktop... so why nvidia don't make a window installer?

xtrax 09-21-03 08:44 AM

Kill X
To kill X, you just have to open a console, (you can be in X and start a shell) login as root, (type su root), and then type in "init 3"
The X server will close. :D

sipaolo 09-21-03 09:03 AM

Ok xtrax
Thank for you reply.... I needed it:D

Just because in a consolle when sent the command killall X my PC freeze!!!

I'm a newbie.... But I want to learn:rolleyes:

sipaolo 09-21-03 09:09 AM

You are BIG xtrax
You are BIG xtrax... like you have tell me everyting work fine....:afro2:

Now I have to test it !!!!!

xtrax 09-21-03 09:18 AM

No problemo!
I was happy to resolve your problem. If you have any other questions, then reply again. You can check the X LOCKUP BUG I just posted if you freeze when returning in the console...

sipaolo 09-21-03 10:15 AM

I modified the XF86config file like says the readme file of nvidia.......... my xserver crash!!!!
Oh my God:eek:

xtrax 09-21-03 10:18 AM

GOD DAMN **** !!!
You freeze in the boot?

You must change in /etc/X11 the file XF86Config-4

change Driver="nv" by Driver="nvidia"
remove the line Load"VLCore" and Load"dri"

be sure the Load"glx" line is here.

sipaolo 09-21-03 10:40 AM

But i'm not scared.....
I'll trie again.. Thanks for help!;)

sipaolo 09-21-03 10:53 AM

I'm on the right way!
Thanks to yor help xtrax now the driver work and at the login boot displayed the nvidia logo! marvelous:afro2:

But I don't know why he don't let me activate the 3d hardware acceleration! I'm a loser...?

xtrax 09-21-03 02:13 PM

Do you have a special place to see it or you tested with Tuxracer and it's slow? My tuxracer is fast with the driver...

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