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philY 09-20-03 05:22 PM

drivers for linux rh9
Hi everyone,
I am new and newbie :)... I just wanna know which driver I need to download (where to find it?).. i use Linux RH9, my card is GF4 mx 440 64MB ddr... and of course I would like to play Tux racer (the best test for 3d:)) what is not possible at the moment... I read plenty of informations however they just confused me instead of helping... Please, help...

GlowStick 09-20-03 06:05 PM


Nvidia has a Unified Driver, what it means is that one driver has them all in it.

For linux, please use http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_d..._ia32_1.0-4496

you have to log out of Xwindows to use it, then follow the Readme to edit your XF86config file

Please read the readme file provided with the drivers!!!!!!!!!

philY 09-21-03 07:05 AM

Hi GlowStick,
TY for the informations.. and very quick reply . I have already downloaded readme file...:) They are big :), of course I will read them... Later I will start installation:D ...
Greetings from Poland

GlowStick 09-21-03 10:54 AM


You just have to edit your config file with 2 words, i forget what they are though, its not hard at all, most people are repoting execelent results!!

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