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Bman212121 06-12-12 08:06 PM

Heads up for anyone looking at a Z77 motherboard
I had purchased a DZ77GA-70K board for my setup. Their board seems a bit flaky right now but I think they might be able to fix some of those issues. The real problem is that my TV tuner card would not be recognized in any of the PCI-E slots. (HVR-2250) I'm not the only one having issues with this board as well as other boards. I'm willing to bet that it's related to having Lucid Virtual MP on the board, because all of the boards where I've seen people complaining have that on them. I was able to test the tuner card in a MSI Z77A-G43 which does not have Lucid onboard. The card worked just fine like it did in every other computer I've used it in.

Intel support is completely useless but I'm wondering when another company might be able to reproduce this issue and solve it. Till then I'm probably going to pick up that MSI board or something that doesn't have lucid on it.

cmsmith 06-14-12 11:32 AM

Re: Heads up for anyone looking at a Z77 motherboard
Interesting post Bman. Thanks for the heads up. I am kicking around purchasing a new system end of this year/early next. This type of stuff is nice to know before hand.

Do you know of other motherboards which dont' have this? I must admit being partial to the Asus side of things. Perhaps this stuff be turned off in the BIOS solving this problem?

I've had my eye on Z77 motherboards for a while. I was aware of the Lucid technology. New stuff like this, historically, has issues. In the early stages anyway; newer versions/revisions sometimes deals with the problems. Add in the fact this stuff somehow "works" with the graphics card, without its knowledge, and you have to wonder about some things.

Bman212121 06-14-12 08:52 PM

Re: Heads up for anyone looking at a Z77 motherboard
Hmm... It seems like ASUS went all in with their technology. It might be possible that Asus boards don't have the issues I'm having if they took the time to test their boards throughly. It's not like I can say for sure that it's because of that, but it's one of the few options that I can't test because there is no options to enable or disable it in the bios.

I was thinking it was mainly a feature on the higher end boards but after looking through gigabytes model list it seems like most of their boards have it as well. We'll just have to keep watching to see if more people start complaining about problems with certain cards.

cmsmith 06-15-12 02:12 PM

Re: Heads up for anyone looking at a Z77 motherboard
Just a bit of an update/additional question Bman,

After looking over some things, it appears in order for Lucid to work you have to install some software. I assume it works with the BIOS in order to do what it does but I have no idea.

Question: if you don't install this sofware, does that effectively disable Lucid tech?

Bman212121 06-15-12 03:16 PM

Re: Heads up for anyone looking at a Z77 motherboard
I'm not really sure cmsmith. My issue was before even booting into an operating system. On the Intel board I had you could see what devices were plugged into what slots. It would show "not populated" for the tv card even though it was clearly in the slot. I'm under the assumption there is a bit more going on with it than simply the software.

From what I'm reading it might just be a software solution now, but a quote from Anandtech shows there is something done on the BIOS.

"There is also an issue of licensing. Lucid MVP is a licensed bit of software, requiring motherboard manufacturers to write specific BIOS code in order for it to work."

So maybe lucid is not to blame for this cause and it's just either another defect on those boards or it has something to do with the BIOS tweaks they needed to make. If your not using a tuner card than I really wouldn't worry too much about buying a board with it.

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