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xtrax 09-21-03 08:53 AM

The X Lockup Bug
Hi! I have a GeForce 4 Ti4200 64 Mb. When I install the driver, all if working fine. (I use Tuxracer to test the video acceleration) The problem is that when I quit, X Lockup in a blank screen. It's a HARD lockup because if I type reboot or halt, the system do nothing. But if I remove my GF4 and I install my GeForce 2 in the same computer with the same drivers, ALL WORK FINE. No more lockup. So, this bug is really in the DRIVER. Many people say that the problem remains in our configuration but I think I proved here that the driver sucks with a GF4. If someone know how to resolve this issue, post it here. There is many people who wait to repair this bug. Thank you.

xtrax 09-21-03 08:58 AM

Video card: GeForce 4 Ti4200
Driver version: 1.0-4496
Distribution: Mandrake 9.1
Video revision: Dunno.
Processor: AMD AthlonXP 2500+
MotherBoard: ASUS A7V8X
Memory: 512 DDR 333
Soundcard: Game theater XP 7.1

sipaolo 09-21-03 11:09 AM

I have no problem.....!
Hi xtrax .. thanks to you I have installed the driver 4496 an:
Red Hat 9.0
AMD 2000XP
512mb ddr 333
mobo ecr k7s5+
GeF 4 Ti 42000

But my Pc don't freeze..... maybe 'cose you use mandrake.
I' don't know... i'm a newbie
Hi BIG.:)

xtrax 09-21-03 02:11 PM

Yeah possible it's mandrake... now, I want to know if someone with the same Video card and linux mandrake have the same problem or don't have it...thx...

sipaolo 09-21-03 03:32 PM

OK sir
yeah... OK:afro2:

guills 09-22-03 10:46 PM

why don't you search the forum first... there's about a gazillion posts named 'problem escaping from X' 'X locks up' and the like...

Basically.. it goes away if you boot your computer with the tv-out cable unplugged... it's not distro-specific, it's something with the vbios or the driver.

xtrax 09-22-03 11:13 PM

Problem solved
Just unplug all the wires on the back of the video card except the svga for sure! NO MORE LOCKUPS!!! Thankz guills

guills 09-22-03 11:18 PM

NVIDIA should pay me. I do more support here than they do.

xtrax 09-23-03 06:31 AM

Post your CV!
Post a new thread sayin' you want the job with a vote man! And seriously, I writed to Nvidia 2 weeks ago... Are they supposed to know this problem issue or they are searching to find a solution before reply me? Or they just don't bother? Thankz again man! :D :D :D

guills 09-23-03 07:38 AM

They know about it and they are doing squat if you ask me. Read my reply on this other thread where I'm whining about the drivers, you'll see. ;)

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