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abrakadabra 09-21-03 09:14 AM

problems in logout
I have installed the most recent driver for linux...
nvidia geforce4 420 go on sony vaio laptop
I have a Slackware 9.0
I use kde 3.1.2
when I digit startx...everything is ok!
but...when I click on logout the monitor is blocked on a white color...
and I must reboot!!
Help me!

guills 09-22-03 10:47 PM

As I just posted in another thread...

there's about a gazillion posts named 'problem escaping from X' 'X locks up' and the like...

Basically.. it goes away if you boot your computer with the tv-out cable unplugged... it's not distro-specific, it's something with the vbios or the driver.

xtrax 09-22-03 11:12 PM

Thankc to guills that opened my eyes!!! Just unplug all the wires on the back of the card except the svga cable for sure and then reboot. NO MORE LOCKUPS!

deity_me 09-28-03 08:01 PM

X lockup
i have the same problem but i dont have any TV-out stuff

how can i stop X from locking up??

vnpenguin 09-29-03 12:17 AM

Which console mode use you ? Have you used frame-buffer console ?

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