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rmrfchik 06-14-12 03:38 AM

X server eats CPU
Original bug report (declined by debian) is http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=677470

I use kde 4.8, nvidia driver.
Number of programs use animated icons in tray. When icon gets animated,
/usr/bin/X eats up to 100% cpu. This includes psi instant messenger
(animates new message arrival), clementine music player (animates play
progress) and other.

Only /usr/bin/X gets affected with icon gets animated.
Few times I switched to console and run "gdb -p XORGPID", and always saw
"GetXIDRange" function in which X seats.

rmrfchik 06-14-12 03:52 AM

Re: X server eats CPU
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Attached nvidia-bug-report

rmrfchik 06-20-12 06:35 AM

Re: X server eats CPU
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X11 still eats CPU. Now suddenly skype windows gets almost inresponsible, each keystroke takes 5-8 seconds to process and CPU gets 100% used by X11.
Here is sysprof snapshot. Top functions are in nvidia_drv.so

rmrfchik 06-21-12 09:46 AM

Re: X server eats CPU
Investigation continues. Libreoffice scrolling causing 100% X11 usage; profiling gives:
83,98% Xorg nvidia_drv.so 0xfdbcb
2,40% swapper [kernel.kallsyms] intel_idle
0,76% Xorg libwfb.so wfbBlt

cz00bek 06-21-12 10:07 AM

Re: X server eats CPU
I have the same issues. It's driving me mad. I have NVS295 and I can't use my desktop. I had the same issue two years ago. I'd use nouveau but it doesn't work at high res (don't know why though).

rmrfchik 06-22-12 08:49 AM

Re: X server eats CPU
I suppose nvidia engineers never run kde, libreoffice and such. I can't imagine what their test stand include, may be only compiz or xfce?
It's sad, because kde4/libreoffice are mature enough to include them in tests.

It's not only about kde, it's also about firefox and chrome. Both are suffer from slow tab switching.
The cure for firefox is "nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=0" and cure for chrome is "nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=2".

Knowing this only thing I can suppose -- nvidia team use only one browser all the time (dunno, FF or chrome) and never test with other.

And this make me sad and when I see Linus trolling and I'm almost on his side, just because nvidia not only refuses to support bleeding-edge Optimus, but also breaks day to day experience with plain regular browsers, office suit, desktop environment.

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