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davec 09-21-03 01:10 PM

How to set up DVI output for projector?
I am using an FX5600 card with Redhat 9. I have set up the card using the VGA connector, but I am interested in trying it with my projector, an Infocus LP350 (1024 x 768 fixed resolution). Since the projector accepts DVI input, I would like to set up XFree86 to use the DVI ouput of the card.

What needs to be modified in /etc/X11/XF86Config? Are there any other settings to be changed? What is the procedure for making the card sync with the projector?


jerone2 09-22-03 11:07 PM

I have a Geforce 4600 and I use DVI, all you have to do is boot up your machine with the projector on and connnected via DVI (nothing connected via the analong 15-pin port). The driver should pick it up. I have a Samsung 191T Monitor and this is all I have to do. If you need to do something special nvidia has great documentation and you whould just need to play around with the options. The
"DigitalFlatPanel" option refers to the DVI port.

davec 09-23-03 11:08 AM


Thanks for your response.

The biggest problem that I have is setting up XF86config.

I know that LCD screens provide specifications for vertical and horizontal sync, but my projector doesn't. What values should I use, or doesn't this matter with DVI?

Also, most of the time I use a CRT monitor. How do I indicate in XF86Config that I have two monitors, and that one uses the DVI output?


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