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News 06-15-12 12:30 AM

Opera 12 arrives with webcam APIs and experimental WebGL support
http://cdn.arstechnica.net/wp-conten...rs-640x567.png Browsing Ars Technica in the new version of Opera

The Opera Web browser got a boost today with the release of version 12. The update brings a number of new features, improved performance, and enhanced support for modern Web standards. It also offers a preview of several experimental features, such as full hardware-accelerated rendering.

Opera 12 has a lot to offer Web developers. The new version includes preliminary support for WebRTC, an emerging standard that is being drafted by the W3C Web Real-Time Communications Working Group. WebRTC will eventually enable standards-based audio and video chat in Web applications.There is also support for the WebRTC media capture APIs, which allow Web content to capture live media streams from the user's microphone and webcam. As some readers might recall, we first wrote about that functionality last year when it arrived in the Chrome developer channel.

The WebRTC getUserMedia API works out of the box in Opera 12 and can be used by any website. Due to the potential privacy and security implications, the user is automatically prompted by the browser before the feature is allowed to be activated. All we had to do to get it to work with our standard getUserMedia demo (which had previously only been tested in Chrome) was remove the WebKit prefix on the API call.

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