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bwkaz 09-14-02 01:57 PM

Thank you to the nVidia Linux driver developers...
...for implementing the OpenGL S3TC extension!

It's one of the major reason nVidia cards can run the UT 2003 Linux demo (and, presumably, the full version once it comes out).

Oh, just in case anyone cares ( ;) ), here's a list of some mirror sites for the Linux demo (it's 90-some megs, but WELL WORTH IT):


It's also reportedly up on FilePlanet, but there's a 2-hour or so line.

1stFlight 09-14-02 09:12 PM

Faster Download Mirror
I snagged my copy from Shacknews's service 2 minute (no typo) wait there.

bwkaz 09-15-02 07:31 AM

Yeah, I got it from the first link that LinuxGames has. No wait, and ~40K/sec download, it wasn't too bad.

utiel 09-15-02 10:22 PM

TNT2 M64 doesnt have S3TC extension!
I have a cheaper TNT2 M64, and I can't play or test UT3 in linux.

In windowsXP(detonator drivers), same machine, it works.

My error, is:

OpenGL renderer relies on DXTC/S3TC support.

Driver works, with Descent, or Quake, also Tux racer, xmms OpenGL Plugin....at a decent velocity, 3 or 4 (or more ) times faster than MesaGL/X11GL

But I don't have S3TC extension :___(

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