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nosrema 09-14-02 02:27 PM

hardware T&L
Do the linux drivers support hardware T&L? I was recently benchmarking UT2003 in windows vs. Linux. Linux is behind about 10-15%. I was thinking about some of the reasons why. I am not even sure if UT2003 is using hardware T&L but still I would like to know if linux can take advantage of hardware T&L. I read someone say that T&L is supported transparently in openGL since 1.0. So if your card uses openGL and has hardware T&L then by default the game will use hardware T&L. I don't understand how that could be. I would like someone to enligthen me on this.

Thunderbird 09-14-02 02:29 PM

The windows version of UT2003 uses Direct3D 8 and the Linux version uses OpenGL. It is more fair to compare UT2003 using OpenGL on both Windows and Linux.

UT2003 uses T&L on Linux using some nvidia OpenGL extensions for vertex data.

nosrema 09-14-02 02:35 PM

windows and opengl
I haven't tried switching ut2003 to opengl mode, I'll try that. That will probably make a difference because when I have compared opengl games for windows and linux such as quake3, linux always performed better than windows.

Thanks for the info.

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