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News 06-16-12 10:00 PM

More Xbox leaks: Microsoft once considered an OnLive acquisition
There are a whole lot of juicy details included in the recently leaked document that purportedly details Microsoft's plans for its follow up to the Xbox 360. But one of the juiciest bits deals not with the system itself but with competitive cloud gaming service OnLive, which the company supposedly saw as a "potential acquisition target."

Buried in the notes field for slide 7 of the downloadable Powerpoint presentation, Microsoft outlines the potential threats to the "Xbox 720" from competitors including Apple, Google, Sony and Nintendo. For OnLive, the notes suggest the streaming company has the ability to "up-end the console gaming market by making expensive consoles and PCs unnecessary for AAA gaming."

Pairing with a partner like AT&T could give OnLive the ability to provide subsidized hardware that makes money through game sales and subscriptions, the note warns. Under the "THREAT" section of the note, it mentions OnLive point blank as a "potential acquisition target."

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MikeC 06-16-12 10:11 PM

Re: More Xbox leaks: Microsoft once considered an OnLive acquisition
Here we go again...

Thank you Microsoft for hitting the nail on head. You still have valuable content to offer.

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