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strider255 06-19-12 04:03 PM

k1000m/k2000m Linux Support?
I have noticed that the new Lenovo W530 laptops (and likely other new laptop models) offer a selection of either NVIDIA Quadro K1000M or K2000M cards. These models are not referenced in the list of supported cards for either the current latest long lived branch version (295.59) or the current latest short lived branch version (302.17).

Can anyone from Nvidia confirm whether either of these cards (Quadro K1000M or K2000M) are supported on Linux? Thanks.

Godlikearg 09-13-12 09:29 PM

Re: k1000m/k2000m Linux Support?
It's not working for me at least using Gentoo (bumblebee/optimus did work for a short period when I installed Ubuntu 12.04 so I dunno what's wrong). I have used 304.43 and 304.37 drivers and both, when trying to modprobe nvidia, say that the card is not supported by the driver version.

As a result, optimus won't work. I have set the display mode to Optimus in the BIOS (using Discrete causes a black screen as soon as udev/acpi loads). So any help is appreciated.

Godlikearg 09-20-12 01:40 PM

Re: k1000m/k2000m Linux Support?
Solved, see this thread: http://nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthre...62#post2576162

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