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pbrennen 09-14-02 05:59 PM

nvidia drivers and slackware 9.0
I'm have trouble installing the newest nVidia drivers in my slackware 9.0 beta system. This is the error I receive:

depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/2.5.34/kernel/drivers/video/NVdri
/lib/modules/2.5.34/kernel/drivers/video/NVdriver: unresolved symbol cli
/lib/modules/2.5.34/kernel/drivers/video/NVdriver: unresolved symbol restore_fla
/lib/modules/2.5.34/kernel/drivers/video/NVdriver: unresolved symbol save_flags

Any ideas regarding what I should do to fix this?

Andy Mecham 09-14-02 07:03 PM

Development kernels are not supported by the official Nvidia driver set. From the README:

"All official stable kernel releases from 2.2.12 and up are supported;
"prerelease" versions such as "2.4.3-pre2" are not supported, nor are
development series kernels such as 2.3.x or 2.5.x. The linux kernel
can be downloaded from www.kernel.org or one of its mirrors."

That said, there are some patches written by members of this forum that will allow you to compile a driver on a 2.5 series kernel. These patches are not supported by Nvidia.



pbrennen 09-15-02 10:42 AM

This is a patched driver... the driver compiles, yet insmod fails. Is there a difference between these two scenarios? Should I include a more complete log of what I'm seeing on my screen?

bwkaz 09-15-02 11:12 AM

Were you running 2.5.34 when you compiled the driver?

pbrennen 09-15-02 02:52 PM


pbrennen 09-16-02 06:57 AM

Q: What is NVIDIA's policy towards development series Linux kernels?

A: NVIDIA does not officially support development series kernels.
However, all the kernel module source code that interfaces with the
Linux kernel is available in the NVIDIA_kernel package, and NVIDIA
encourages members of the Linux community to develop patches to these
source files to support development series kernels. A google search
will most likely yield several community supported patches.

Dear members of the Linux community,

nVidia is encouraging you to help me :)

(I already searched google for these depmod errors and issues with make dep and kernel upgrades)

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