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tom14 09-23-03 01:56 AM

Nvidia and Linux 2.6?
Is there a Linux kernel 2.6 Nvidia driver planned? If so, when will it be released? Also, is there any plan to support DirectFB or any other new graphics systems?:cool:

pe1chl 09-23-03 04:28 AM

Please read before posting...

tom14 09-24-03 02:26 AM

Read wot?

mtrr 09-24-03 06:29 AM

the nvidia readme

zander 09-24-03 06:37 AM

The NVIDIA drivers do not support development kernels, but there are patches to make them work with Linux 2.6: http://www.minion.de/nvidia.html.

tom14 09-25-03 05:06 AM

Thank you...

bj0ern 09-25-03 02:12 PM

2.6 is *no* development kernel.
The odd numbers are development kernels.

zander 09-25-03 06:16 PM

Linux 2.6.0-test* still are development kernels, the first officially stable version has yet to be released (the -test* suffix denotes development status).

pe1chl 09-26-03 04:11 AM


Originally posted by mtrr
the nvidia readme
But also the other threads on this forum about this topic. It has been discussed many times and many times the place to download a patch has been mentioned.

It sometimes seems that half of the new topics are about "I cannot install the driver on SuSE 8.2" and "I cannot use kernel 2.6".
Both of these problems are annoying, but they have been solved many times.

It is better to read what others have written and use the forum only for topics that cannot be solved that way.

meldroc 09-27-03 04:18 AM

How stable are the patches at www.minion.de? Right now, I have a 2.6 kernel available on my machine so I can give it a test drive (most of the time I use 2.4.22), but before I add the patched NVidia drivers, I want to be somewhat sure they won't hose my system too badly.

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