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cheechr1 06-22-12 11:13 AM

Nvidia please unlock nvidia-smi functionality!
Nvidia, you (likely unknowingly) gave us a taste of what is possible with nvidia-smi way back in driver series 260*. We know that this utility can work with GeForce cards as well. Why do you lock us GeForce users out from knowing our GPU usage? I might not have bough a Quadro card, but I did still shell out big bucks and you lock us users out from something as simple as being able to monitor our GPU usage!

With AMD drivers, there is an equivalent program and it worked great at monitoring things like this (at least with the 6990's I had).

I can understand if some features in the utility are Quadro only, such as power usage, ECC info, but can we GeForce users get at least a little bit out of this utility as well?

ledoc 06-22-12 06:28 PM

Re: Nvidia please unlock nvidia-smi functionality!
And most of the stuff doesn't work on Quadro either.

weltall 06-25-12 09:43 AM

Re: Nvidia please unlock nvidia-smi functionality!
considering all those informations are available on windows, were available in the past on linux i don't get the reason. It's also funny that you can get the actual memory used, installed, etc but cannot get a % regarding the memory used (which can be derived from those)

artem 06-25-12 10:19 AM

Re: Nvidia please unlock nvidia-smi functionality!
The real question is whether Linux drivers expose all this information. If they do, then probably it's possible to reverse engineer the drivers and extract this information directly.

If they don't, you may as well forget about nvidia-smi at all.

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