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gfxdrone 06-23-12 06:23 PM

dual monitor glitches with kde and 302.17 - (revised title to reflect reality)
Help, I can't figure out how to get nvidia-settings or whatever is breaking my dual monitor on user login work.


I've always used xorg.conf dual monitor setup, but 302.17 broke those, so rather than research it, I got lazy and do what I never do, ran nvidia-settings, which created a new xorg.conf file, which fixed the dual monitor issue, but broke mouse wheel scrolling.

After bouncing around with things a bit, I copied over what appears to be the correct part of xorg.conf to old xorg.conf, replaced the nvidi-settings generated one, and restarted x. Only one screen shows, but only when I login to the user account I was in when I created it and ran nvidia-settings. When I log in to another test user account, dual monitors and mousewheel scrolling all works, in other words, the xorg.conf is fine.

The problem is that something somewhere is recreating the nvidia settings, or it's looking for the .nvidia-settingsrc file, which I have deleted, and I can see an .nv directory recreated on every login to the main user account.

I want to get totally rid of any and all nvidia-settings garbage, and I want it to not start, not create .nv stuff, not fail to use xorg.conf as intended.

Anyone have any idea where this autostart of nvidia-settings is happening? I can't find it anywhere in my user . files, have searched with grep for nvidia-settings, nothing shows in any other rc file.

When I log into my account that never used nvidia settings, it all works fine, after restarting xorg.

Help me! get rid of this nvidia-settings thing please, I've lost hours today on this.

Again, dual monitor code in xorg.conf is working fine, mouse scrolling is working fine (but only after I commented out the mouse input device sections, that's an evdev thing if I remember right, which nvidia-settings is doing wrong.

If I change or edit then save my nvidia-settings xorg.conf file to fix the mouse issue, then xorg fails to start, probably because there is some mismatch between the .nvidia-settingsrc file and the xorg.conf file, but all I want to do is totally get rid of nvidia-settings activity, permanently, and absolutely, now I remember why I never ever used that in the past.

My goal here is to never see, touch, or use nvidia-settings again, and to totally purge it from my user startup process, and to know where that startup thing is located, I hate stuff like this, especially when the nvidia-settings generated xorg.conf file doesn't even work, and if you edit it, xorg fails to start, that's just sloppy.

gfxdrone 06-23-12 07:06 PM

Re: how to totally get rid of nvidia-settings configurations on login
To be clear, to avoid the inevitable well intentioned but incorrect suggestions:

Currently, when I log in to my main user account, where I used nvidia-settings to create the xorg.conf file (as root, by the way, I also deleted the .nvidia-settingsrc file in /root), only one monitor is active. To turn the other one on, I have to use nvidia-settings. During the login process from kdm, I can see the screen go black, from dual screen mode to single screen, as the nvidia-settings junk takes over from the main xorg conf file. If I recreate an xorg.conf file with nvidia-settings, as root, so it can get saved, the dual monitors work, but the nvidia-settings does not handle the newer evdev type xorg.conf thing, ie, there's not supposed to be ANY input device sections in xorg.conf. And the one that they create, is wrong anyway. Using the nvidia-settings generated xorg.conf results in no mousewheel scroll, which is of course extremely annoying. Removing those sections again from xorg.conf makes xorg fail to start. I'd call this a bit more than a bug.

If I logout, restart x, then login as test user, no black flicker occurs, ie, no nvidia-settings junk is happening automatically, an everything works exactly as expected. I do see the .nv directory being created now that I recheck it, but that doesn't seem to matter.

Since I don't see any nvidia-settings autostart or whatever in the conf files in my regular user account, I have to assume it is being called by some other file or program name, but I can't see anything.

And clearly it's not a global setting, in /etc or anywhere, since the settings are only being applied to my main user login, upon login.

A few cleanup options in nvidia-settings certainly would be nice. I don't see any cleanup options in the cli version of nvidia-settings either.

I've grepped /etc and /var as well as my $HOME for any signs of nvidia-settings anywhere, so I have to assume there's actually another app name involved.

AaronP 06-25-12 01:30 AM

Re: how to totally get rid of nvidia-settings configurations on login
It seems pretty unlikely that nvidia-settings itself is causing these problems. The .nv directory is not part of nvidia-settings, but is used by OpenGL and is almost certainly unrelated. nvidia-settings doesn't do anything to make itself automatically loaded, so if it's being run, it's happening via something your desktop environment is doing.

One easy experiment to try would be to run "sudo chmod -x /usr/bin/nvidia-settings" to make it not executable. If your problem still occurs, then something else is at fault.

gfxdrone 06-26-12 12:42 AM

Re: how to totally get rid of nvidia-settings configurations on login
Thanks Aaron, good suggestion, tried -x on nvidia-settings, no difference, as you'd expected.

My next guess is that something in my kde configuration for main user account fails on new 302.17, I'm going to try installing the last 295 and see if that changes the behavior.

Suspected twinview maybe in settings, somewhere, but my test user account has the same exact multiple monitor settings as my main user account, so that's not it. Has to be something though, not in kdmrc, it's a head scratcher, no fun.

Could be a 302.17 introduced change, that's the first driver I've tested with dual monitors that broke my old dual configuration, that one lasted for 7 years I think, oh well.

I'll post and see if it's related the actual driver. I know whatever it is is user account specific, and that it happens very early in the kdm login process, a second or two after the login process has started, but only on the main account, not the second test user account. Which does suggest some setting somewhere is triggering some changed behavior in 302 latest. Could be that, could be the nvidia-settings was a false lead, just coincidence. When xorg/nvidia have control of the kdm login screen, dual monitors work fine, after the black flicker, which must come right after something loads, one turns off. So I have to assume it's not xorg.conf.

AaronP 06-26-12 11:59 AM

Re: how to totally get rid of nvidia-settings configurations on login
The 302.* drivers introduced RandR 1.2. Some desktop environments, most notably GNOME but possibly also KDE (I haven't checked), have code in them to automatically reconfigure your displays using RandR 1.2. This code doesn't run on 295.* and older because those drivers don't support the new interfaces, which could explain why installing different versions of the driver results in different behavior.

After logging in, could you please run "xrandr --query" and paste the output here?

gfxdrone 06-26-12 12:49 PM

Re: how to totally get rid of nvidia-settings configurations on login
I tried the 295.59 today, login fine, dual monitors fine.

Also keeping in mind that my test user account logs in fine with 302, and dual monitors are fine, and no flickering occurs as I assume xrandr is run. I'll search for xrandr in my main user . files.

When in 295.59 I get this:


xrandr --query
xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default
Screen 0: minimum 2560 x 1024, current 2560 x 1024, maximum 2560 x 1024
default connected 2560x1024+0+0 0mm x 0mm
  2560x1024      50.0*


inxi -GSxxx
System:    Host: yawn Kernel: 3.2.0-5.dmz.3-liquorix-686 i686 (32 bit, gcc: 4.6.2)
          Desktop: KDE 3.5.10 (Qt 3.3.8b) info: kicker dm: kdm Distro: sidux-20070102-d:1
Graphics:  Card: nVidia G86 [GeForce 8400 GS] bus-ID: 02:00.0 X.Org: driver: nvidia Resolution: 2560x1024@50.0hz
          GLX Renderer: GeForce 8400 GS/PCIe/SSE2/3DNOW! GLX Version: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 295.59 Direct Rendering: Yes

I have to also note I am still using kde 3.5.9, never changed to kde 4.x, yet anyway. 302.xx shows each monitor resolution by the way, not the total as it did previously.

I'll post the xrandr for the 302 for the user that works and the main user account a bit later, have to do some work stuff now.

gfxdrone 06-26-12 04:33 PM

Re: xrandr
3 Attachment(s)
Here's the xrandr --query from 302.17

I included 3 output text files, one from the test user, where no xrandr appears to be activated on login, assuming that's what is. That's the one 'test-user'

Then 2 from the main user, first from when the display is only on one monitor, second after running nvidia-settings to make the disabled second monitor active. This is all twinview type mode, one desktop that is.

AaronP 06-26-12 05:04 PM

Re: how to totally get rid of nvidia-settings configurations on login
Thanks. I think this conclusively shows that the X server starts up in the correct configuration just fine, and that something in your desktop environment is turning your VGA device off when you log in as your normal user. The VGA-0 device is listed as connected, so it's not that the driver is incorrectly reporting it as disconnected.

At this point, I would recommend checking the KDE configuration pages to see if you can find a display settings option that lets you turn on both displays, or contact your distribution's support community to see if other people have had similar problems.

gfxdrone 06-26-12 06:02 PM

Re: how to totally get rid of nvidia-settings configurations on login
yeah, sounds like you are right, it's some stuck setting somewhere in kde config, but what that is, I have no idea, I'll poke around more and try some things, now that I know what the cause is, it's easier to debug. Sorry to suggest it was nvidia-settings, that was just one of those odd coincidences that makes debugging hard, thanks for taking a look, I appreciate it.

Keep up the good work.

theDOC 06-27-12 11:58 AM

Re: how to totally get rid of nvidia-settings configurations on login
Before 302.x, the driver mapped the monitor configuration to a virtual resolution in xrandr, so KDE was only able to switch between the configs you predefined in xorg.conf, which was likely only your dual-head setup. With 302.x the driver got full xrandr support and KDE is now able to setup your monitors via xrandr, so the changes you made with nvidia-settings are not remembered, because they were not done by KDE. Take a look at this:

gfxdrone 06-27-12 01:29 PM

Re: how to totally get rid of nvidia-settings configurations on login
Confirmed, however I won't be able to fix this without upgrading my kde to 4x.

I finally found the actual issue, with the pointers from aaron, there was one difference which I hadn't noticed between the test and main user account, kde control center had the checkbox 'apply settings at startup' checked, and in test user, it was unchecked, which is where the problem came.

However, if the settings are not applied at startup, the session restore puts all the open windows on the main monitor, so I guess it's either use 295 latest or upgrade (well, downgrade in my opinion) to kde 4.x, I knew this setup would not last forever, but it did a good job of trying, heh. Since the test user account s just a testing account, I hadn't noticed that the windows were all opening on the main monitor.

thanks for the input, couldn't have figured out this issue without the above pointers.

sorry for the mis titled thread starter, wish I could change it to more accurately reflect the true problem, but I can't edit the stored topic title.

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