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HUBEZ 09-23-03 02:53 PM

Underscan option?
I found the Overscan option, is there (or is Nvidia planning) an underscan option?

I'm using Twinview clone, and the picture is always too large for my tv. It chops off about 50 pixels on everyside with overscan=0.0.

It does this at any resolution.

Are there any options for screen centering on a TV?

Anyone else have this problem, or have a fix?

When I boot up the image is ok, it's when I enter X that the thing get's too big for my tv.

Oh, and although it probably doesn't matter, I'm using GF4 4400

pe1chl 09-24-03 02:23 AM

I think you should re-align your TV.
The picture as it is (standard) is so heavily underscanned that any well-aligned TV should have a black border around it, and a TV that shows as much of the frame as possible will have a *BIG* black border.
In fact, on my FX 5200 with driver 4496 the overscan option does not work at all. I would like to make the picture larger but there is no reaction even when Overscan 1.0 is used.

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