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clutch 09-14-02 08:21 PM

Getting bizarre errors with driver install
OK, I have used Linux off and on for a bit, and I am now trying to settle down and stick with it as the school I am about to attend uses it in full force in the Comp Sci department. However, all I want to do is get the UT2003 Demo to work, and whenever I try to install the drivers I get all kinds of errors:

rpm: Tells me they install
rpm -e: Tells me they aren't installed
tar: Will not install
source tar: Gives me a bunch of errors stating that it can't find files such as asm/fixmap.h and asm/hardirq.h (I checked, and didn't find them). I have completely trashed 2 installations trying to get these to work, and I am about to give up. Here's what I am running, and I hope someone can give me some insight:

RH 7.3 2.4.18-10 (tried on 2.4.18-3 with same results) with linux source and the rest of the developer tools installed
P3 933
GF2 Pro
SBLive! MP3+


clutch 09-14-02 09:53 PM

OK, I got it to work (turns out that I needed a sym link to my Linux source code in /usr/src) and now I am trying to see what options will make it work best.

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