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SilencedScream 09-23-03 10:37 PM

Blue Black Flicker then Hangs
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Well here is what happens, what Ive done about it and any other info I can possibly think of to help solve this problem.

Ok I am using version 1.0.4496-r3 of the nvidia drivers. I have the latest version of nvidia-glx compiled and installed as well. I have followed the install guides to a T. The nvidia module is loaded into the kernel as well lsmod shows that it is. I have tried three different working X configuration files and with each I get the same error. Basically X will work fine when leaving the driver at "nv" as soon as I switch the driver to "nvidia" and go to startx the screen flickers a couple times from blue to black and then it hangs there. I thought maybe it was taking a long time to load so I gave it 20 minutes and it still just sat there. I have to ALT+F1 and it then drops me back to a console. I have attached the XF86Config file and also the log file below.

System Specs
ASUS p2b mobo
GeForce2 Ti
Soundblaster Audigy Card
OS = Gentoo kernel 2.4

If there is anything else you need please ask as I am at the end of my rope attempting to get this to work, oh and on a quick side note, I am still quite relatively new to linux so please do not assume to much when explaining things.

Thanks and for the love of god please help me!

SilencedScream 09-23-03 10:37 PM

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Here is the X config file

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