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linuxvvhore 09-24-03 12:15 AM

KT400, AGP Support, and 1.0-4496
After a hiatus from using the NVIDIA drivers due to a serious hardware problem (http://forum.abit-usa.com/showthread...threadid=19135), I'm back in the saddle again. However, now I find with the 1.0-4496 drivers, I cannot enable AGP support.

$ more /proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status
Status: Disabled

I tried messing with the nvidia module options, but cannot seem to make them have any effect (WTF?! I thought this used to work?).

What's the deal? Does anyone have AGP support working with a KT400 chipset?

Redhat 9 w/ kernel 2.4.20-20.9
MSI KT4 Ultra (VIA KT400)
Abit Siluro GF4 Ti4200 8x 128M

SuLinUX 09-24-03 02:58 AM

AGP works fine on my KT400 chipset.

linuxvvhore 09-24-03 10:47 AM

Are you using any special module options or NvAGP settings?

Last I knew, I was supposed to disable SBA in order to make it work, but the new drivers don't seem to honor that setting. (http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/show...threadid=10349)

I really need AGP support for WineX3, otherwise none of my DirectX games work (because they can't allocate memory without it).

SuLinUX 09-24-03 10:57 AM

I didnot have to do anything, just downloaded the Nvidia drivers off suse update and configured SaX2 for my graphics card.

linuxvvhore 09-24-03 11:31 AM

Ok. Well, thanks anyhow.

In contrast to your apparent ease of use with the NVidia driver, when I install it fresh without alteration, I get ASCII garbage upon X startup and results in a hard lockup. I know there are others out there who at least used to have this problem.

I think it might have something to do with the Ti4200 chipset. Perhaps this chipset does not support SBA?

Anyone have the solution to this?


ByteEnable 09-24-03 11:26 PM

I had the same problem. AGPGART was disabled in the kernel. My Pro266T chipset PCI ID was not present in the pci_ids file and was not being used in the drivers/char/agp/agpgart_be.c. So no kernel AGP support. So I patched two files to add support. I got the PCI ID from /sbin/lspci -n

Here are the patches I did:

--- linux-2.4.22/drivers/char/agp/agp.h 2003-08-25 06:44:41.000000000 -0500
+++ linux/drivers/char/agp_new/agp.h 2003-09-24 13:21:24.000000000 -0500
@@ -172,6 +172,9 @@
#ifndef PCI_DEVICE_ID_VIA_82C694X_0
#define PCI_DEVICE_ID_VIA_82C694X_0 0x0605
+#ifndef PCI_DEVICE_ID_VIA_8633T_0
+#define PCI_DEVICE_ID_VIA_8633T_0 0x3101
#ifndef PCI_DEVICE_ID_INTEL_810_0
#define PCI_DEVICE_ID_INTEL_810_0 0x7120

linux-2.4.22/drivers/char/agp/agpgart_be.c 2003-08-25 06:44:41.000000000 -0500
+++ linux/drivers/char/agp_new/agpgart_be.c 2003-09-24 13:33:19.000000000 -0500
@@ -5123,6 +5123,12 @@
"Apollo Pro KT400",
via_generic_setup },
+ { PCI_DEVICE_ID_VIA_8633T_0,
+ "Via",
+ "Apollo Pro266T",
+ via_generic_setup },

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