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trivium nate 06-29-12 03:55 PM

mac on a pc
idk y but i wanna run mac, but i dont want to buy one,
can i dual boot mac and windows? from different partitions? system specs are in sig!
i want everything to work! can i dual boot mac and windows? say if i go buy mountain lion?
could it work? or would i have to vmware workstation it?
is the upgrade from ml to lion free?


if so how do i do it?

i know how to create partitions and stuff in windows what format does partition have to be?

apachehavok 06-29-12 04:00 PM

Re: mac on a pc
You mean you want to run OSX? Cant say "run mac". Like run a mac inside your machine?

What do you want OSX for? You can run a Vm and get it working with special modded ISO's and its legal if you own a copy of OSX.

What in OSX do you specifically need?

six_storm 06-29-12 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by slaWter (Post 2567615)
Get the real deal and buy a Mac.

This. It can be done on the pc but get ready for headaches and many hours getting everything to run properly.

737MAX 06-29-12 08:50 PM

Re: mac on a pc
TN - As others have said, while this can be done, if you are truly interested in this platform, buy a Macbook or iMac. A Mac Mini would be the best bet and cheapest. You can find one of those on Ebay for cheap for a model or two behind.

That being said - It can be a fun journey/experiment to get to work right. VIN86 has one working perfectly and I have one on my PC I dual boot with Windows 7. I use them both.

This will get you started: http://www.osx86project.org/

trivium nate 06-29-12 08:53 PM

Re: mac on a pc
im trying to get it running on vmware workstation but it doesn't wanna work wtf i used to have it running,...idky i want it just something to mess around with

trivium nate 06-30-12 02:07 PM

Re: mac on a pc
would everything work if i virtualize it?

737MAX 06-30-12 03:27 PM

For the most part, yes. Occasional problems will creep up though, IMO.

grey_1 06-30-12 08:25 PM

Re: mac on a pc
I've seen a lot of decent looking ibooks (macbook minus camera I think?) around for short money, $2-300 or so with decent specs and thought about grabbing one to get better acquainted with Apples OS again.

No VMs for me this time around, and from what I've read about getting OSX to run properly on my Asus...no thanks. Too much heartache. Good luck with it TN.

XDanger 07-02-12 01:47 PM

Re: mac on a pc
Is there anything to stop dell making an osx compatible pc with less problems or would it just take an update from apple to bork it?

trivium nate 07-02-12 02:48 PM

Re: mac on a pc
yes but not everyone has a million bucks to buy their stuff

XDanger 07-02-12 04:26 PM

Re: mac on a pc
I wouldn't want either but is there anything to stop them?

trivium nate 07-02-12 05:33 PM

Re: mac on a pc
please close this thread i give teh f up

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