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SuLinUX 09-24-03 02:28 AM

How do I enable FSAA/Anisotropic Filtering

Anyone know who to enable these features, dont like to see blury textures in the distance and I want better image quality.

Thanks :)

mtrr 09-24-03 06:31 AM

look in the nvidia readme:



SuLinUX 09-24-03 07:19 AM

I did but dont know what to do or how to use them.

blueworm 09-24-03 09:58 AM

OK you need to add these lines to you game start up script.
here is an example for quake3.

# Needed to make symlinks/shortcuts work.
# Wrap Quake III binary
export __GL_FSAA_MODE=5
cd "/usr/local/games/quake3"
./quake3.x86 $*
exit $?

the file you need to edit in this case is
You will have to add the 2 export lines.
For any other game you will have to write or edit a similar startup script.

SuLinUX 09-24-03 10:35 AM

Right I get it, thanks alot.

So if I want to do it for UT2003 do I create a script like that, or do all games come with a script like that in there folder?

russofris 09-24-03 01:03 PM

Most games will have a startup script (or you can make one). This allows individually configured AA/AF settings per game (pretty nifty). If you want the settings applied globally, add them to your .bash_profile in your homedir.

Thank you for your time,
Frank Russo

Anthaus 09-24-03 01:57 PM

You may add those two export lines to your rc.init file (look for it inside your /home/<username> directory).

All your games will use those features automatically.

SuLinUX 09-26-03 01:20 AM

Thanks alot for the help, works great now.

Thanks again.

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