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AndrewM 07-01-12 06:58 PM

Xorg Memory Leak
1 Attachment(s)
How to repeat:

while [[ $((c++)) -lt 200 ]] ; do
  M1=$(ps ho rss `pgrep Xorg`) ;
  M2=$(ps ho rss `pgrep compiz`) ;
  M3=$(nvidia-smi --query | perl -ne 'print $1 if /Free\s+:\s+(\d+)/') ;
  echo Xorg=$M1 compiz=$M2 nvidia=$M3
  xterm -fullscreen & sleep 1 ; pkill xterm ;


Xorg=42656 compiz=61300 nvidia=360
Xorg=44280 compiz=61328 nvidia=335
Xorg=44328 compiz=61328 nvidia=339
Xorg=44540 compiz=61328 nvidia=329
Xorg=44748 compiz=61328 nvidia=308
Xorg=44960 compiz=61328 nvidia=314
Xorg=45276 compiz=61328 nvidia=307
Xorg=45448 compiz=61432 nvidia=299
Xorg=45780 compiz=61432 nvidia=292
Xorg=46084 compiz=61432 nvidia=285
<... skipped lines ~30 ...>
Xorg=57208 compiz=62924 nvidia=66
Xorg=50200 compiz=62928 nvidia=59
Xorg=57452 compiz=62928 nvidia=52
Xorg=50460 compiz=62996 nvidia=43
Xorg=50600 compiz=63000 nvidia=36
Xorg=398924 compiz=63000 nvidia=391
Xorg=395864 compiz=63000 nvidia=371
Xorg=395864 compiz=63000 nvidia=365
Xorg=395864 compiz=63204 nvidia=357
Xorg=395864 compiz=63204 nvidia=336
Xorg=395864 compiz=63204 nvidia=343
Xorg=402988 compiz=63204 nvidia=334
<... skipped lines ~30 ...>
Xorg=400228 compiz=64628 nvidia=86
Xorg=400352 compiz=64704 nvidia=79
Xorg=407612 compiz=64748 nvidia=63
Xorg=400588 compiz=64748 nvidia=64
Xorg=407872 compiz=64904 nvidia=48
Xorg=400872 compiz=64904 nvidia=48
Xorg=742656 compiz=64904 nvidia=392
Xorg=742656 compiz=64924 nvidia=376
Xorg=742656 compiz=65032 nvidia=367
Xorg=742656 compiz=65032 nvidia=353
Xorg=742656 compiz=65072 nvidia=351
<... skipped lines ~30 ...>
Xorg=748948 compiz=67156 nvidia=61
Xorg=743800 compiz=67316 nvidia=43
Xorg=743860 compiz=67380 nvidia=48
Xorg=743980 compiz=67380 nvidia=40
Xorg=744276 compiz=67380 nvidia=32
Xorg=1109148 compiz=67380 nvidia=390
Xorg=1109148 compiz=67452 nvidia=372
Xorg=1109148 compiz=67452 nvidia=364
Xorg=1109148 compiz=67500 nvidia=357
Xorg=1116808 compiz=68552 nvidia=326

AaronP 07-02-12 11:30 AM

Re: Xorg Memory Leak
Does this problem occur without compiz? Does the extra memory used by Xorg go away when compiz is killed? Finally, if you run xrestop during this test, do you see an increasing number of resources used by the compiz or compiz window decorator processes?

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