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mrsabidji 09-24-03 08:48 AM

ads won't show up...
You prolly already know that, but just in case : I loaded the nvnews frontpage minutes ago and advertisement images wouldn't appear. refreshed several times, turned off my firewall... no effect. that's all. good luck fixing it, guys :D .


The Baron 09-24-03 09:10 AM

Work fine here...

mrsabidji 09-24-03 09:17 AM

Well, that must be ISP-related, I guess... sorry for the inconvenience then.


PsychoSy 09-29-03 12:24 AM

The "Supertrick" within Kazza-Lite can put the bricks on website and pop-up ads. :eek2: :nono:

mrsabidji 09-29-03 01:39 PM

Oh, yes. But I never install the Supertrick thing :D .


Dark Jedi 09-29-03 02:41 PM

Norton Internet Security also blocks web ads and pop-up ads.

mrsabidji 09-29-03 03:52 PM

Yeah, but I don't have it installed right now. Thanks to you all, but the problem is solved for some days now anyway... I really think it was ISP-related. I should have informed you, but I thought nobody was really interested in that thread. Aaah, me and my total lack of self-confidence... (hmm, who am I trying to fool here ? :D ). Thanks again.


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