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ihateregistrati 07-02-12 12:02 PM

XRRSetCrtcGamma problem in 302.17
XRRSetCrtcGamma has no effect in 302.17 but the driver /does/ support XRRGetScreenResources and XRRGetCrtcGamma (ie. neither returns NULL anymore)

Since this prevents falling through to the XF86VidModeSetGammaRamp (which does not seem to work either, nor in xcalib) and GLSL fallback variants, screen inversion will be broken in upcoming KWin 4.9 with recent nvidias unless either

a) XRRSetCrtcGamma gets fixed in the driver
b) XRRGetCrtcGamma (and XF86VidModeGetGammaRampSize / XF86VidModeGetGammaRamp) returns 0
(i assume invalidating XRRGetScreenResources will slightly break XRandr 1.3 support)
c) we explicitly skip XRRSetCrtcGamma and XF86VidModeSetGammaRamp for the nvidia driver (while the latter one was actually only added because nvidia didn't support XRRSetCrtcGamma)

I'd like to avoid promoting (c), but need information on the status of this, ie. whether there will be a driver release implementing either (a) or (b) within the next two weeks or so.

Kind Regards

aritger 07-03-12 03:57 PM

Re: XRRSetCrtcGamma problem in 302.17
Sorry we haven't wired up XRRSetCrtcGamma(), yet. I'm surprised that XF86VidModeSetGammaRamp. That should work today, though with X screen, rather than RandR CRTC, granularity.

I hope that we can address (a) in the relatively near future (i.e., within the next month or so), but I don't think it is likely to happen within the next two weeks.

Sorry this isn't already in place.

- Andy Ritger

ihateregistrati 07-03-12 04:43 PM

Re: XRRSetCrtcGamma problem in 302.17
Many thanks for the update.

The 4.9 release is scheduled for August 1st and since distros will take their time as well, the suggested timeframe should be sufficient.

Regarding XF86VidModeSetGammaRamp:
I just figured I was not entirely correct on this:
It doesn't work *on an XRR rotated screen*

I'm not frankly sure whether RandRRotation enabled rotation supported that, but when just re-checking it worked.
(actually it even works while the screen is rotated but the colors are effectively not inverted until the rotation is set to normal)

aritger 07-03-12 04:54 PM

Re: XRRSetCrtcGamma problem in 302.17
Oh, you are right: XF86VidModeSetGammaRamp does not work correctly right now when a transformation is applied to an RandR CRTC. I'll try to look at that, too.

Sorry for the troubles.

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