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danlofgren 09-24-03 10:49 AM

Radeon 9600 Pro -vs- GeForceFX 5600 Ultra
Can anyone give me there opinion as two which card (of these two only) is the better overall and perphaps why?

I'm not looking for hard data and frame rate charts -- i just want to know if both cards will be able to play Splinter Cell, Half-Life 2, Halo, Doom 3, and MaxPayne2 with decent graphics.

I'm leaning towards the Nvidia, but i'm worried about the additional power supply needed.

I've also read that the 9600 Pro has advantages with DirectX9 over the 5600 Ultra.

I have a Gateway, P4 2.0GHz, 512 DDR ram, XP, fairly new setup.

Thank you for any response.

ChrisRay 09-24-03 10:51 AM

9600 Card requires very little in the way of power. Prolly a better buy honestly if you're into DX 9.0 stuff,.

saturnotaku 09-24-03 10:57 AM

The Radeon 9600/Pro requires no external power. It's definitely the better choice, especially if you're going to be into Half-Life 2, Halo, Tiger Woods 2004, etc.

goblin 09-24-03 12:42 PM

9600 Pro is a better buy and is more future proof. It draws little power, stays cool, overclocks well.

Gator 09-24-03 01:20 PM

R9600Pro > FX5600 Ultra by a landslide


-=DVS=- 09-24-03 01:37 PM

Radeon 9600 is easly twice as fast compared to FX 5600 Ultra in DX9 games , and all good games will be DX 9 ;)


eesa 09-24-03 02:27 PM

get a 9500pro if you still can, but both are definitely better than a 5600. And last time I checked, 9600s are cheaper too.

shockwave203 09-24-03 04:44 PM

the 5600 is a joke, don't buy one of those

StealthHawk 09-24-03 04:54 PM


Originally posted by shockwave203
the 5600 is a joke, don't buy one of those
Yes, the 5600 seems to have laughable DX9 muscle :(

Yuet 09-26-03 12:59 AM


Originally posted by shockwave203
the 5600 is a joke, don't buy one of those
Treat the 5600 as an DX 8.1 card with DX 9 compatibility, that shall be fair. :D

eesa 09-26-03 08:54 AM

more like dx9 software emulation through a GLide wrapper... okay so I'm exaggerating, but you get the point. Now if the 5600 was cheaper, I still might consider it. It's not a bad card for a lot of things. But it's actually more pricy than a 9600pro, so forget it.

nForceMan 09-26-03 09:21 AM

After a couple of usual whining :bs: , lets make a picture more balanced a bit.
Don't forget Doom III (and upcoming Doom III engine based titles)!


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