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alexzapatka 09-24-03 01:42 PM

FB Console or Direct FB
i have read the readme and whatnot, and posts here, but i have yet to see any info aobut DirectFB support (for say, the qt_fb or the gtk_fb ports). i know the docs say not to use the rivafb driver with the nvidia driver, and that is easy enough to do... but i would love if the nvidia driver would then also work as a framebuffer driver so i can have highrez vidmodes on my console and use the directfb stuff that is comming down the line.

i know that vesafb works (sometimes) with the driver.. and untill i started playing with the 2.6 kernel and 2.6 series patches for the nvidia driver everything was fine... since 2.6 i cant have a fbconsole and have the nvidia driver work at the same time...

any comments from the nvidia guys i have missed?

broose 02-02-04 10:13 AM

:o I don't think the good people at nVidia are interested in supporting the Console framebuffer, though I've not seen any valid reasons for this. I am beginning to regret buying a nVidia card now and once I've found a more Console framebuffer accelerated friendly card manufacturer, I'll be changing it.

I still fail to see why nVidia feel the nead to hold back the low level graphics documentation from open source developers, or even "responsible" developers like DirectFB. Surely development of drivers for linux would come on leaps and bounds if DirectFB didn't have to develop drivers by trial and error. I feel it's attitudes like this that is holding back Linux on the desktop. XFree86 is a little overkill for home desktop machine, I maybe wrong, not everybody has the need to remotely log into X or am I missing something? This is very Micro$oft-ish (like it or lump it).

Qt-fb toolkit would be excellent as an alternative desktop api (and existing qt/kde programs could be easily ported) but is crap without Console framebuffer acceleration.

Sorry for the rant, but I feel cheeted having paid 130 for something that doesn't fulfill my needs.:banghead:

broose 02-02-04 06:07 PM


Anybody from nVidia care to comment. Tried to e-mail nVidia regarding framebuffer support, but it seems nVidia don't like to receive e-mails so therefore will not reply (only to tell you they will not receive e-mails). Oh-hum.:banghead:

broose 02-03-04 05:01 PM

:zzzz: :POKE:

Still nobody from nVidia willing to comment on accelerated Linux console framebuffer support or nVidia confiding in trusted developers like the good people at DirectFB with the low level graphics calls (if only the 2D side of the calls) because vesafb uses an outdated standard and as such is slow. Very slow. Without the capability of switching modes on the fly.

Please, please, please help them.:thumbsup:

nyteryda 06-03-04 01:11 PM

Re: FB Console or Direct FB
Well I want to get XDirectFB working so i can get transaprent windows... and wilst i can get it to run it nukes my eyes... (maybe i could sue??? :P ) anyway i don't see why they can't add that feature...

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