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News 07-04-12 06:30 PM

The Indie Game Limbo Now Available With Special Hard Cover Edition
The indie game Limbo is something that offers an interesting and very different atmosphere than what we're used to with most games ' it is a dark shadowy puzzle game offering really unique experience, though not everyone may like it. This indie game is definitely something very different from the rest and you should take a look at it if you still haven't tried it as it has been available for a while now (there is a free demo version available). The game offers supports stereoscopic 3D, though due to the way the game world is presented the 3D effect isn't that strong as with some other S3D games, though it is still nice.

Originally made available only as a digital download, now Limbo's developer has released a Special Hard Cover Edition of the game that includes a copy of the game on optical media, along with some extras. You also get a standalone soundtrack by Martin Stig Andersen, seven original art cards, a boy sticker, and a pair of anaglyph 3D glasses along with a free Steam gift key. You can get Limbo Special Hard Cover Edition for $19.99 USD in USA or for 19.99 EUR in Europe, and it still also available as digital download for less than that, but you won't get the extras this way.

Now, originally the game supports stereoscopic 3D mode with anaglyph 3D output for Red-Cyan glasses, thus such a pair is included in the Special Hard Cover Edition, but you can also play the game with 3D Vision. There is an official Limbo 3D Vision profile available and Nvidia has rated the experience in stereo 3D mode as Excellent. To enable the built-in anaglyph stereoscopic 3D support int he game Limbo you need to press at the same time the following key combination: 'SHIFT + 3 + D' and to get back to 2D mode you need to press 'SHIFT + 2 + D' on the keyboard. Enabling stereo 3D mode using 3D Vision happens the traditional way ' either by pressing the button on the IR emitter (if you have it) or with the 'CTRL + T' key combination. To get an idea on what to expect from the stereo 3D in Limbo, I've recorded a short video using 3D Vision with low to moderate depth levels and shared it on YouTube (embedded above). As I've said don't expect too much form the stereo 3D in the game, but it works well and may add an extra level of immersion in this really strange and weird puzzle adventure ahead of you.

- Here you can order the Indie Game Limbo in its Special Hard Cover Editionā?¦http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=3...1&a=B0087RHFG0

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