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cgr122 09-24-03 04:14 PM

Quake 3 Arena sound causes crash
When I load up quake 3 arena, quake 3 crashes but when I disable the sound it plays fine. I am using RH 9 with the newest nvidia drivers and the nForce driver which sounded like it fixed the problem I am having. I also tried putting the line
options nvaudio spdif_status = 0
into /etc/modules.conf but it did nothing to solve my problem. I have the newest linux kernel. Thanks for your help.

cavey 09-25-03 01:42 PM

probably errors opening /dev/dsp, not too sure as I don't have Q3a for linux, but I had similar experiences with NQ and Q2..

here's what I did (taken actually from the Alsa-Project documentation...)

echo "binary_name 0 0 direct" > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/oss

but well, that's for alsasound modules... you might need to find your own soundcard in /proc

try it that way (or consult the sound driver docs for any kind of help on this)

Anyways, my guesses are that Q3a wants to open /dev/dsp using mmap, and can't get the right permissions....

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