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The_Professor 09-24-03 09:20 PM

Can't boot with Nforce Motherboard
I've installed Redhat 9 on my new Asus A7n266 based computer and cannot boot into Redhat. The install went fine but when I boot into Linux the computer freezes after the root partition is remounted in read/write mode.

Ii know this isn't much to go on but no log file is generated.

Any suggestions?


The_Professor 09-25-03 08:51 AM

Another piece of the puzzle
I tried booting from the new Knoppix Live CD and I can boot into runlevel 2 (text mode) but when I boot into X the computer locks up when it is initializing peripherals. Prior to that the sound works and the mouse cursor moves.

The_Professor 09-25-03 09:28 PM

Fixed it
I found the answer in another forym. I had to change the legacy USB setting to the BIOS to disabled.

Hope this helps someone else.

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