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MegaloBaller 09-25-03 02:21 AM

Need help disabling X server in SuSE 8.2
I need to disable the X server to install the NVIDIA drivers for my video card... Can I log into another session with that disabled already? Anyway, help would be greatly appreciated... thanx

glennped 09-25-03 06:53 AM

You can either type "3" in the text bit at the bottom when you first boot up Suse or log into another terminal "Ctrl-Alt-F1" for example and log in as root and type "init 3"
That will drop you to runlevel 3 ie no X.

Hope that helps.

MegaloBaller 09-25-03 04:03 PM

It worked, but I still have a problem..
Well I got the drivers installed and it says 3d support is enabled, but when I go to play a 3d game it still says "can't find 3d controller" or whatever... I dunno what's goin on... SOMEBODY HELP!! :)

glennped 09-26-03 06:21 PM

How many fps do you get when you type gears in a terminal window?

Also post your output of 3Ddiag.

Cheers, Glenn

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