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NeoGeo 09-15-02 05:52 AM

Microsoft Mouse
god damn mouse :mad:

can you belive after 2 months my new Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer is giving me trouble... not the optical camera, but the left mouse button.. sometimes it randomly double clicks, other times it does nothing...

anyone else had trouble with this particular model? My older MS Optical was great...

Smokey 09-15-02 09:02 AM

Im still using the original M$ Inteliexplorer, must be what? three years old now and cost me 50 at the time. If you have a problem, I would take it back and change it.

NeoGeo 09-15-02 10:26 AM

ive just been to change it and after half an hour of hassle.. finally got another one...

can you belive the guy in PC World.. he tested the mouse for 30 seconds, said it seems fine, and handed it back!! I tried explaining that the fault was intermittant, but he didnt seem to understand what I was talking about...

I had to get the guys supervisor along to understand my quibble... eventually he changed it...

useless people :rolleyes:

Smokey 09-15-02 03:54 PM

100% correct there......"Stupid people" why would you want to change a perfectly good and working mouse for exactly the same one :rolleyes: Good to hear you got it changed :D

LTech221 09-15-02 07:43 PM

I had my Intellimouse Explorer 3 for months now, its been dropped and thrown around alot of times but it still works like the first time i used it.

thcdru2k 09-15-02 09:06 PM

i've had to thrown away two microsoft intellimouse, the usb connector eventually gets ****ed up by using the ps2 adaptor, and just won't work in the usb anymore. and another one just by regular usage, and couple bangs and the mouse doesn't work. yet i still use one ms intellimouse for a couple months now and it works perfectly. i have a memorex, and two other 5 dollar optical mouses, and they work just as good.

The Baron 09-15-02 09:18 PM

Logitech Wheel Mouse Special Edition here...

sexy little bugger. :P

Essense 09-15-02 11:41 PM

Microsoft Trackball Optical Owz J00! It more sexxxy then illogicaltech!

hahahahahahahhahaha Ownz J00!

Essense out and over.

Essense 09-15-02 11:42 PM

Futile Attempt at NVambat.


CainSyris 09-16-02 02:27 AM

You know what? I have that exact same problem, though its so rare I usually ignore it. Sometimes the wheel will scroll even though I'm not touching it.

Very disturbing, like a ghostly hand is having his jollies scrolling my wheel just when I'm about to click on a weblink. I thought it was just me. ;)

NeoGeo 09-16-02 09:05 AM

well being microsoft they are therefore possessed by satan... anything can go wrong at any time.. or it could work perfectly for years, it just depends on how un-holy you are really!

|JuiceZ| 09-16-02 09:37 AM


Originally posted by Essense
Futile Attempt at NVambat.



I use both the intellimouse3(home) and logitech mouseman(work) and have had no problems at all even though both have been abused to some degree. Has anyone played w/ the new M$ Intelli Cordless/Optical? I'm curious to see if the response times have improved at all to be sufficient enough to game w/. I'm really getting tired of this stupid cable :mad:

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